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James Heelis – Calarts Sketchbook 2 2017 – Accepted

James Heelis Update 3/6/2017 – accepted – I have 2 sketchbooks im submitting this year. This is my illustration sketchbook. You can find my observational sketchbook at this link –https://youtu.be/YoDyNgPEbP4 I need to emphasize that this is not my primary submission sketchbook and it was supplied IN ADDITION to my observation sketchbook.

Phoebe’s CalArts Sketchbook 2017 (Accepted)

Phoebe Zhong Tumblr: http://elfphoe.tumblr.com Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/elfphoe/ Got my acceptance letter on March 9th!! This was my second time applying. I submitted two sketchbooks to Calarts. Started from Oct.1st. Finished in mid December. Music: Try – by Patrick Brasca & Jay Chou Have fun and stay happy!

A Facebook Video

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