Stop taking the same boring photos! Shooting & thinking differently. – 10% Off! NEW! Lightroom PRESET PACK: – Edit your photos with 15 brand new presets! INSTAGRAM: Colour Graded with my PM LUTS Pack : The Music I use: – AMAZING for YouTubers What’s up guys! Today we’re talking about expanding the way we THINK so that we can pull MORE out of photoshoots. Angles when shooting photos, thinking about the before, the after, the during – Thinking about more than whats just In front of you and ‘easy’. Thinking like this really opens the doors to some interesting photo opportunities. Each question you ask yourself about the subject content, is a potential photo. Like, Comment & Subscribe to stay updated with the latest content! VLOGS & TUTORIALS uploaded frequently! THE GEAR I USE: My MAIN Camera – My FAVOURITE Lens Ever – The Magic Canon Lens of Life – The Mic I use – My Drone – The stabilizer I use with iPhone : The BEST monopod – GoPro HERO 5 – My Super Awesome Tactical Camera Bag : FOLLOW ME: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:… Website: SEND STUFF TO: Peter McKinnon PO Box #175 Keswick, Ontario L4P3E2 CANADA

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